Military-grade cyber security for everyday threats

Real world experience is hard to beat. Our experts help you take advantage of years of experience gained from defending high-risk, mission critical systems.

Whether you need a penetration tester to find the cracks in your defense layers, need assistance in navigating privacy regulations like GDPR, or wish to train your users on how to avoid traps set by hackers, Cyfenders has the solutions for you.

About Cyfenders

Located in the greater Chicago area and operated by veterans of the Israel Defense Forces’ (IDF) elite cyber defense units, Cyfenders lets you take advantage of our real-world experience gained from years of defending high-risk, mission critical systems.

Cyfenders uses tested and proven methodologies to detect and mitigate the vulnerabilities and threats that put your company and clients at risk. From large and complicated industrial organizations and systems, through government agencies, to businesses large and small – we've defended them all.

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