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Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) services

Keeping hackers out of your business begins with knowing it and knowing them

Chief Information Security Officers provide cyber security guidance and leadership by developing and overseeing the implementation of a comprehensive cyber security strategy.

Cyfenders CISO services help businesses design and implement a cyber security strategy that evolves with the business – adapting to external changes over time. Together, we’ll put in place a practical, no-nonsense cyber security strategy based on your specific business operations, technology platforms, and risk profile. A strategy that helps reduce the risk of potential attacks, and helps you deal with them if they happen.

Let Cyfenders lead your cyber security program, so that you can focus on running and growing your business.

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Does your business need a cyber security strategy?

Cyber security measures are most effective when they are implemented as part of a broad strategy – one designed around your business objectives.

An effective cyber security strategy shouldn’t focus exclusively on ways to mitigate technical security vulnerabilities found in the technology platforms you use. It should be based – primarily – on the workflows and processes that drive your business.

Responsible security leadership considers how business operations interact with a company’s technology platforms, and how tactically deploying a technical defense mechanism might affect a business’s broader strategies.

Cyfenders CISO service plans include:

  • Cyber security program creation and management
  • Asset mapping
  • Review of workflows, policies and procedures
  • Development of prioritized cyber security strategy
  • Policy development
  • Security policies
  • Privacy policies
  • Business continuity and incident response plan
  • SecOps & DevOps development
  • Cyber security testing
  • Penetration testing
  • Red team attack simulations
  • Third-party platforms and vendor assessments
  • Security code reviews
  • Security operations
  • Threat detection and intelligence
  • SIEM/SOC support
  • Awareness and training programs
  • Tabletop exercises
  • Attack simulation and incident response training
  • Technical cyber security courses
  • Cyber security awareness courses
  • Executive level cyber security courses
  • Regulation and compliance
  • Pre-audit preparation
  • Post-audit implementation
  • Business continuity and incident response assistance
  • Plan development
  • Periodic testing
  • Disaster recovery
  • Identity and access management
  • Credential and permission management
  • Permission audits

Three-stage security leadership that works for you

Unlike IT companies who provide security services and typically focus mostly on the technology you use; Cyfenders designs security strategies based on your business objectives and processes.

Gaining a deep understanding of your business and security needs is key in creating a cyber security strategy that works for you. We believe technology should adapt to (and enhance) your business operations – not the other way around. Our three-stage process utilizes that understanding to formulate and implement a cyber security strategy designed specifically for your business.

Map the terrain
Understand existing business operations, goals, workflows and technologies in place
Strategize & implement
Test, assess risk, prioritize security objectives and implement a comprehensive security strategy
Retest, adapt & protect
Periodically retest security, reassess risk and adapt to changing conditions and circumstances

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